Labelle_Slimming Centre

Light. Lighter. Lightest.

Art: Etrouth Sudhakar
copy: Jeetu

Labelle_Slimming Centre


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the idea is definitely there but...

i'm not seeing how your tagline corresponds to the visual. I only see two: "light" and "lighter". And actually, i don't see how the stone path relates to "light". maybe "heavy".
I don't like the "out" sign (is that "lightest"?). or is walking on water "lightest"?

I actually like the idea but it has to come through cleaner and clearer.

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he meant to show when you go there, you are not as light as when you come back.
anyway,... the leaves look fake, and I see some other leaves on the bottom of the pond?
I'm confused.

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The idea is good, but you need to get rid of everything that is not necessary to make the idea stand out.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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The pond is new, but the in/out setup has been used so many times for gyms and health clubs.

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