La Pat now takes tele ordering.

La Pat, sweet and confectionary outlet of Taj Bengal started taking orders on the telephone.

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Is La Pat a sweet-shop? It works, but it is not very appetizing to see all the ants.

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yea is not appetizing at all, expecially one have to put that in their ears,.... imagine the ants crawl in ya ears!! Damnit nigga!

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again, engrish,, especially . imagine the ants crawling in your ears. you're not black.

Arnold Santillan

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Such a wrong way to make me wanna buy something from them..
The ants says one thing.. We Got Pests !!!

Do you know the 'chupa chupa' lollipop sugar free ad with the ants ?
You can see there a very clever way using ants.

Anyway.. you got a nice idea..
Just a wrong way showing it..
Try and think on another idea.

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chintan ruparel
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eww.. think stronger ideas for this please. taj would never do this! it goes against their 'clean' image.

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

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oh no its a brilliant award winning, trophy fetching, cannes killer, clio bringer..... go for it just do it....... man you are great ........ants for une patisserie yeah maybe you have a local anteaters local incite .......even the 20algerians around me were scared to comment so they didnt comment baring in mind that you might not digest it

The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time

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dats so funny!
don't get mad tricky.
and since comments are not accepted in that post, angshuman, the language you have used to defend yourself, was bad.

You got no right to belittle others in defending yourself.

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this is done so many times...atleast try some other insect, ants and sweets is done to death.
whether it is for sweetner or for flavoured condoms.