Judge these ads please

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Phony Ads
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How many times are you going to post these things? This is at least the third time in the last 15 hours. Everyone is not going to comment on everything. People pick and choose. At this point you kind of have to assume that pretty much everyone that wanted to say something has. For instance, notice how I have said nothing about the ads. Though I must admit, it is an effective way to keep the ads at the top of the que and on the first page.

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in my experience, when nobody says anything it means it's neither great or bad....just "fine".

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Bundy Agency
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even though i dont want to, im going to comment.
when things get ugly is a good use of the old saying however re-using it doesnt work.
no one says " when things get sly".

so my opinion is either scrap them or work on the copy and art

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well im sorry if i am bottering you... thanks for the critics anyway!

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idea's goo, visuals works too, copy and font a little less