Jewelry Ad

Note this only a draft. Any comment is very much welcome.

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It's diamonds man it should be attractive and B&W art work !!!!!!
I don't like it

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Hi Alaa,

Thank you for critisizm.

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Sorry man hope you will not stop... :)

Just do more research before you think (THIS IS IT...) Compair your art work with the international or wining ad's not with your friends in the office... Good luck.

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No Problem Alaa,

Most of the comments i recieved i make it as guideline. I am just venturing on different ideas ,b'coz most of them are great model = great jewellery.

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Line is nice. Execution is stale. JWT India did an ad for jewellery where u see a nice palace and just a flash denoting the jewellery.

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Thank you for the comments. Have any idea how can i improve this?

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There is no idea and it lacks style. Sorry, I don't like it either.

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what is the message you are trying to deliver here? what do you want to tell audience?
if it's "come and buy" then think again...

seriously.. what's the message ?

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their are some products which demands more art direction not over art direction and you can tell the
difference between them. your work look like over art direction. and showing only diamond with line
drawing come on buddy you can can doit better. put some thought to it see the work done by on jewellery with a simple thought of 'priceless collection' keeping products in center but still really nice art direction.

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Thank you very much for your comments

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buy by bye
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with jewellry woman themselves want to stand out as well, not jsut the jewellery.

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The jewels are looking dull, Diamonds are so popular because of their sparkle and shine. These diamands lost it all, it just seems if it is made out of titanium or dull silver. It needs a big-up on the retouching. As for the lady, I must agree with b.b.b, women who wear luxury jewels dont wear them so that the jewels can be seen. They wear them because everyone will be looking at them, they will be the centre of attention with diamonds.

...and let the poets cry themselves to sleep. And all their tearfull words would turn back into steam

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The copy should have been
Elegance that stands out
Elegance that stand out

a minus for the copy and the copywriter

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when i am working with takewing (ag agency) i have came across few advertising work, and i made some ad work for few jewelers shops in Chennai, you can take a look and get some idea and give some ideas - My ads are here