Jaffa PacMan Raspberry

An ad for LU Finland.

ivan's picture

I like the reference of pacman. Too much going on.

buy by bye's picture
buy by bye
Activity Score 544

i dont know i dont like the copy (raspberry filled forever), but i like everything else.
it really shows how fruity the jaffas are.

Ian Meldrum's picture
Ian Meldrum
Activity Score 20

The speech bubbles need work, or removing, its horrible on the eye. Fruit references and pacman idea is good. bottom third lets it down. Simple is better.

LuizRisi's picture
Activity Score 26


Advertising Agency: EuroRSCG Helsinki
Creative Director: Marcelo Coutinho
Art Director: Luiz Risi
Copywriter: Ville Ohtonen
Photographer: Tapani Pelttari

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