This was an ad made to promote the new Caro Cuore (lingerie store) Honeymoon Collection. The size of the suitcase in the hotel room's bed depicts the size of the cloth people are going to fing in the store.

PS. Ivan, sorry I posted this in dungeon without noticing. You can take it out so it's not doubled. THANKS!



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This has a bit of potential. Would change the line though to something like 'all you need'. Sounds cheezy but I'm not a cw. Like the whole small suitcase thing. Just a question... why vector art? Why not a nice photo?

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didn't have budget...

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I think the message is confusing. I agree with popdistortion, play with the copy.
Remember that the subject of your ad is the product and I see only a small part of the ad being the product itself.

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This is a boring idea. There so much you can do with 'honeymoon'. In fact this is way too literal.

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