waiting for ur critiques_Headache Killer

waiting for ur critiques_Headache Killer


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It will def. give you a headache, but your product needs to be the solution. Maybe a double page spread with just a logo or something on the right and the image on the left. Problem :: Solution.

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I have seen this exact solution for the same product category. It was done many years ago.

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exact same thing for advil, and it was in CMYK, or Archive

... its already been done...

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Shut Theory
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this being said naziro, if u never seen those "done before" ads, ur on to something great :)

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ok guys

thanx a lot

i never know it's done before.

thnx any way

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Guest commenter

we did it some years ago for a migraine medicine, but in colors and with the message on the middle.

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Why did you give me the headache at first place?

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