Greenville Literacy Association Ambient Campaign

This is a body of guerilla work done for a Literacy Group in South Carolina by the bounce agency.

Assignment: Get people to doante their books to a large book sale to raise money for the Greenville Literacy Association. The campaign was a drive to get people to donate their books to the Greenville Literacy Association so that they could in turn sell them to raise money at their Giant Book Sale that they have each year. The executions include a situation where the Agency turned a side of a parking garage into a book shelf, a highly traveled stairway into a stack of books, tiny post it note packets into miniature replicas of some famous books with messaging on them about donating, and placed books on grocery store shelves in the middle of the cereal sections and sports drink sections to attrat attention.

The idea being that everybody has books lying around their home either on shelves, in stacks in the corner, or under their
beds or in closets - so we're trying to remind people of that fact. You have books lying around - so donate them to a great cause please. All materials for the donation phase had the copy - "Have any books lying around? Donate them to a great cause."

Credits: the bounce agency
Creative Director: John McDermott
Writer: Stephen Childress
Art Director: Stephen Brown
Print Production: Amanda O'Sullivan

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Activity Score 1888

Nice idea. I love the supermarket!

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...and the stairs too...

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I like the stairs one the most, it works really well, especially if the stairs lead up to a library or a bookstore.

The concept is only as good as the execution.

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this is good stuff.... congrates

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lovin this.