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Activity Score 3647

- The first one is great! I love the visual.
- The second, comes in second.
- The third feels like a seperate idea (and the pearl isn't reading as a golfball, although I like that visual if pulled together).
- The fourth is the weakest. And the fifth seems like the visual was working too hard to be put into the campaign, although a more directing line could bring it back in.

Great work for something that could have been much more boring. These look too good to be student, how were these assembled?

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Activity Score 77

Hi, these are my work. I am not a student, I just wanted to get your opinion. I agree that there are some problems about the campain being a whole..

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Activity Score 1052

The first one is nice. The rest feel after thoughts. Art Direction needs tweaking.

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I like the first one too. The rest is a bit forced.