Anti-discrimination ad: "Curriculum Vitae"

Hi all,

How do you guys feel about this ad? It's been published last month.

Background info: In Belgium, there is a lot of prejudice against minority groups, especially against the 2 bigger ones in our country: the Moroccan and Turkish community. With this campaign, FZOVL, which is an umbrella organisation that unites a lot of anti-rascism/anti-discrimination organisations, wants to make people aware of the fact that a lot of immigrants often really want to take part in society, but somehow, that doesn't always seem to be easy...

By the way, this ad was only published in Dutch, but we translated it for your convenience...

Advertising Agency: Kadratura, Brussels, Belgium
Creative Director: André Rysman
Art Director: Dries Floridor
Copywriter: Bjorn Blockx
Photographer: Michel Debray

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No comments at all?!?

Not even one that says : "No! Not another CV ad! FTW!"

Come on guys, I know you like talking about ads, so do it!

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ik word er koud noch warm van.

beetje gemakkelijk, het kan beter voor deze klant vind ik.

imho ;-)

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This is a pretty flat idea, in fact it makes no sense. Resumes (at least in the States) never refer to someones ethnicity.
It is forced and not compelling or believeable. If this resume can across my desk I wouldn't give them a job either, not because they are Moroccan, but because I can't tell what if any competencies the applicants has.

Needs a heck of a lot more thought

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In Belgium, a lot of employers throw away a CV from the moment they see the name 'Mohammed', because a lot of employers don't trust Moroccans/don't want Moroccans to work for them/ even hate Moroccans. This might seem strange in an American point-of-view, but in Europe, and Belgium in particular, this is the sad truth...
The ad shows the CV from the point of view of such an employer, who, as soon as he sees the Moroccan name, no longer has an objective point of view towards the competencies and skills of the applicant. The only thing he recalls and reads and has in mind is 'This is a Moroccan, I don't want him to work for me.' That's the reason we added the baseline, which is a commonly heard excuse in Belgium for immigrants for not being given the job.

Perhaps this ad is too local, and not everyone might get this without the proper context...

Hope this makes it more clear for you...
And believe me, in Belgium, this ad is very understandable, even without the explanation I just gave you...

Thanks for your comment, btw =)

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Perhaps if the resume was outstanding in terms of applicants qualifications besides the fact that the applicants name was Mohammed it would be more effective

Try not. Do or do not. There is no try.

Good is the enemy of great.

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hey brew

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I like this, it's direct and easy to understand.

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Your profile signature is the best thing on this page :)

Beyond that...I'm not sure if I like this, to be honest. Feels too easy. I get the message, but I wonder if there's a better way to communicate it.

Oh, and for the record: "No! Not another CV ad! WTF!" (FTW means For The Win, btw :P)


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That is so true. Especially here in England, a lot of people are thinking that all the foreigners have taken all the jobs so some narrow minded employers give the jobs to someone with a Western name. I have seen it happen when I apply for a retail job that I am experience in, and I have very good grades, then they give the job to someone who can't even count. Even if you change your name on your CV, as soon as they see you at the interview they will cross your name out. I'm not saying that all employers are like this, but plenty are.
I actually haven't seen any CV ads here in England. There ought to be.

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I think it's great. Go for it.'s picture
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its really effective dear.

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Yeah I like it too. These things happen!!!

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superb ad. so simple. and simple's the best. btw, just saw that it has been published long ago.