for those hard to reach places..

for those hard to reach places..


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I like the art direction, but what if is only a wall with many photos of very naturally inaccessible places like a volcano a cave a big cascade etc… that’s the wall of a jeep owner… is just a idea anyway..

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Doesn't convey the emotion that a potential jeep owner would like to experience.

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I agree with whitespace, the whole setting seems so postcard pic like, maybe multiple shots of inaccessible areas with the jeep pointing towards it will emphasis the rough terrain and less on a spotless jeep? or maybe a shot inside the jeep of various road maps of inaccessible areas and show them crossed out, as in to show it conquered. Good copy.

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Sorry I don't understand this ad. Is it supposed to show a room with pictures where the jeep has been ? I f it is, i feel it lacks this extraordinary feel to it (it's not a big deal the car drove through the nevada desert, or where ever that is). The picture is nice though.

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ya the picture is nice... and that's about it... For those hard to reach places is a line i wud rather use for a toothbrush...

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hey pixy why dont you show instead the pictures some trunk of trees or some rivers fall
similar to what any hunter hangs on the walls of the room
the picture of the jeep posture is very proud so it could be "the pride of explorers"
well hope i helped with the comments

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Arnold Santillan

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drunk dave
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A 4x4 with a line and some pictures of where they could go. Despite Ivan's new rules... crap! And I don't think I need to explain why.

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thanks Dave.

Arnold Santillan

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doesn't sell the idea. In fact I find it a little too feminine.
plus.. i think its been done before

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