Flat TV

Very flat TV.

Flat TV


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Very good! You've a talent.

Here are some similar ideas that won Cannes:

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great concept... very good art direction... I like it a lot!

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FLATtering dude. of course, it's better then the paper-clip idea. whatever makes you happy,
I like this better than what I was thinking for an idea for Flat Tv. :-)

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debabrata naskar
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very nice. go ahead

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thank u.

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tooooo goood

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bilal mirza
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really good work...really highlight the product..

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was checking the back pages...
this was a gem.
cant complain much.

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ooh... how I wish I have that TV...
hmm... can we roll it when we travel ? :)

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great work

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Sorry, already done by Lowe Delhi for LG. Check my foum under 'New Advertising campaigns' and look for "LG Flat Screen by Lowe Delhi'.

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For those new to the site....Desi usually isn't very constructive with his critiques. Instead, he makes sure to let you know that he knows more than you.

You'll get used to it.

Whether or not Lowe Delhi did it or not (an agency in Dubai has also done it and won awards), GREAT IDEA, GREAT EXECUTION. Good job.

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Agency: FCB Kobza Vienna
Awards: Bronze Drum

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Modal Writer
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too close for comfort

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Well done! go ahead dude..
hope u done it before u saw the posted ad by (coloribus)

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What does that matter? The fact that it's been done means you scrap it and think of something else.

You can't keep an ad and then go to a creative and go "yeah but i did it first" otherwise whats the point in working on a book, you may as well just fill your book with other ads then go "i did them all first".

Not on.

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The guy is on the right track though..isnt he!!!
this is a place where people LEARN to do good ads. if he stole it then its his problem.. not mine not yours he won't be learning..
its not about putting them in his book either, time will show that he is not a creator but a stealer!

thats very naive of u..

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sorry bose,,,,,,,its done by agency n relise work...
think smthibg else

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aamit you do realize this post is 38 weeks old right?

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i like it yes yes yes

The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time

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It's been done before. And better by Sony and samsung.

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yea, i agree with aj. if it has been done before, scrap it.

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biting someone else's idea.

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