FIFA World Cup 2006

The world crazy passion is coming back.

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Good ideas. I don't like the Easter island one, because nothing has been changed on the image. The other 3 are great. I especially like the Big Ben one. Now, you need to execute these ads well, good photography, good image editing, etc.

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hey i'm a big soccer fan but i can't seem to understand the last two. your strongest ad is the Statue of Liberty with the yellow card because it ties well with ur tagline and is a simple idea. i think the others need to be simplified so that they understand more to be soccer rather than what those statues or things are.

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Ivan: the easter island,... I thought the hand covering their front part is edited ? (to express free kick) I'm not sure,.. must check original image.

backwords: big ben show 45 minutes, which is half time in soccer. the chinese statues have their "temp tattoos" on their face and head, making them look like soccer fans ready for a game.

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Haha! True. Excellent. Now this is my favourite of all the four. I wish this campaign was executed with great photography. Please!

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Wahey, I like these hahaha

The line is awkward though. :)

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Good ideas .but can't seem to understand the last two. our all Ogilvyen like first tow... good luck.

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I like them as well. The line is not necessary. Just the logo of WC2006 and boom, everybody will get it. Work a bit more on the art like Ivan mentioned above and you're good to go.

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good job... but sorry i didn't like at all the statue of liberty one...

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Easter Island best of all. Not soo keen on the statue of liberty, bit too forced

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sorry still don't like the statue visual... for me it is used and abused...

once with a book, the second time for Panasonic Camera Zoom...

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No fixed abode
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They're all pretty good. I like the statue one, it is a lot of what advertising is about. Showing people things they've seen a million times and saying 'have you ever thought about it like this...?'

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Very nice ads....big ben is the weakest... others are great.

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Nice job! I'll choose easter island and liverty statue, but I like all of them.
asia, america, europe, austrailia(I guess) Well thought,, keep up the good work!

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Nice campaign, needs a better line though.

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Joaquin de Camble Guamble

Eastern island= great
Statue = very forced
Big ben= Just do it in a first plane and it will be the best of all
Four = maybe is just because a don't know about history.