Farmacia SAAS, investments

Title: Are you hunting for a good investment?
Copy: How about a bussiness that already won the P&M award for franchise of the year?

Client: Farmacia SAAS
Agency: Grupo 35 Publicidad
Creative VP: Florencio Ros
Creative Director: --
Art Director: Sixto Gil (me)
Copywriter: --

Date: 2005

Comments: The ad actually published exactly as you see it here, the client nor the agency had the money or the will to produce the image. I don't believe in director's cut, so my work got published exactly as it is being posted. All comments are welcomed.

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comments anyone?

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really, no one?

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Patience my friend. You just posted few hours ago! :)

Anyway, I like the idea. The execution is not perfect, the pig looks photoshopped. I don't like the background color either. Black or white would work better.

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