Fabric Warehouse Campaign (need C&C)

Fabric Warehouse Campaign (need C&C)


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i would suggest that you work on the photoshop a bit more, it's hard to tell what's going on in the photo. also, i'd stay away from knitwear, this looks like a knitted "fabric" which might give the viewer confusion. Try jean fabric and maybe ad some waves.

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Cheer elle. I agree totally. This was just to get the concept over. Is it worth pursuing.

I have another similar concept for this. where a rippled satin back drop becomes 'a world of fabric'. by simply changing the colur to green=hills, golden=desert, white=snowy mountain, etc. and their is always a silhouette shadow of a plane or hot air baloon etc. with an aerial shot. You get me??

Cheers ;)

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i see, as an idea, it's okay. i think there might be a better way to illustrate that these are fabrics of the world. maybe you are saying fabric of the earth with this pursuit, seeing as you are using land sea and desert. i wish i could be more helpful. i'll think about it for a bit, if i get anything, i'll post here again.
thanks for posting your ads. you are definetly a busy dedicated individual.

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It would be cool if the whole scene was made up of different kinds of fabrics...sky, mountains, etc. Also, what if you made an abstract-y earth with a brown fabric and a blue fabric...maybe just wrap them into a circle and photograph that...something alon those lines would make the ad more visually interesting. And I like your idea of using satin..the "knit" material reminds me of grandmas! :)

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Look at christo javacheff work.It could be help may be not.

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i suggest you make one with a busy city scape, houses, buildings streets, parts and people
all made of fabric... that means u got a lot of work ahead of u :)

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