EL ALMACEN/BUE - ALTUE Hotel&Spa - Olvidate de todo. Acordate de vos.

Agency: El Almacen/BUE
Chief Creative Directors: Dani Onorato, Caio Lucini.
Creative Directors: Walter Onorato, Diego Duprat.
Client: Altue Hotel&Spa
Photo: Sergio Belintende

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This is very good imho.

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They seem nice on the surface, but waht are you trying to say? Take a load off of your shoulders? It's disconnect to me.

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Peter Hudson

This is incredible, is a reality: When you go to a place like this,
you go to forget about everything, and in the only thing that matters is you. (You are your head)
It is a very good execution. Very simple.

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lol reklamesut youre a retard... with intelligence level of a sock

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very interesting. it has two fold perspective. on one side, the holding of the head has a horror effect (probably due to the classical conditioning of similar scenes/cut off heads in horror movies).

on the other side, the thought which gone into this creative, as i perceive it, says don't use your head, relax, and feel it with your heart only (as the copy indicates).

interesting! not a traditional route, i must admit. however, if we can handle the horror effect, this might be a superb thing. art direction is also mentionable. great going.