Duracell (initial thought)

Can anyone think of a better way to say this? Perhaps something about 'preserved power' etc. Also what if it were for 'Eveready' as in everready to unleash power? Cheers.

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Dont be too quick to try to force a tagline into a rather nice visual combination... try pushing the idea a little further. it already works nice in the new age of energy drinks. Play on that genre of ads... a product from a tired category (batteries)... and create something fresh.

maybe you can take an iconic robotic character or item and spoof a regular energy drink ad. delivers the message quite well, as people know the benefeits of an energy drink quite handily by now its thats instantly transferred.

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Ditto; a parody of an energy-drinks ad would be very amusing.
Nice visual.

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I like the visual too :)

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It confuses me...

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Hey Jay,

Saying that you can open the battery and pour out energy doesn't do much to qualify the product for me. Being that this is spec student work, reverse your thinking. Take a Red Bull and put the battery nub on it.