drive slowly

drive slowly


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Good idea.. i like it.

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This not new. Seen it more than once.

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don't think it works because it is too forced. yes, the road can be deadly - but how is the visual connected to high speed?

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atul, I've got an idea that could make this go a lot further and have the means to execute it very nicely. Look up my profile and email me.

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Cross means christianity to me. It doesn't mean death.

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That's because you are not christian.

Jesus died on the cross. And when christian are buried, they are buried under a cross aswell.

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I am by birth. But, I don't associate death with crosses. In hungary and in most countries in europe they put up a headstone, not a cross.

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i fully agry with u but if we ask masses to relate cross with things or what's the meaning of cross for them,
i think many of them will relate it with death. what do u say.

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good noon

its not a question abt who i am. i think if we ask people (layman)what do u mean by
cross for them i think many of them will relate it with death. this is what i think

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