Drink & Drive Ambient-comments pls

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i am not able to get the concept...


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shouldn't it be the other way around ? ("drinker drive you to death" and "driver drive you home") If it is, there is no concept here. No sorry but I don't get the idea

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Don't get me started here... these topics are life and death issues and the first thing these ads have to do is to jolt the viewer into thinking, not puzzling over word games or lame ad gimmicks. If your not going to shock, don't go there!
See Australian road safety campaigns which have been going for many years. I don't have any links but a good search keyword is TAC.

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Not sure I understand the concept. As Davosk
says, road safety ads should be bold and
(for the most part) shocking. Don't we know
already that drinking and driving kills?
So do something unexpected and striking with
that one simple idea.

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thanx for all your comments.I'll explain what the idea was
when a booozer read this his thought may like this "who wrote this *#*ing blunder ?
drinker drives you home !!! and he'll correct by himself -drinker drives you to
death and driver drives you home "

Doesn't get across the idea ? comments pls

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that's what i got. maybe i'm drinking right now.

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I think I´m already drunk... hick!

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