Advertised brand: Drano
Advert title(s): Mario, Tetris, Pacman, Drano the Game

Agency: Miami Ad School San Francisco
Agency website:
Art Director: Sam Bruehl
Copywriter: Sam Bruehl

Drano is a plumbing and drain flushing product that has traditionally been marketed to home makers and their families. The product has a greater audience than the average American family and should begin to target other demographics. This established brand may enjoy a great deal of market share but there is always room for growth.

Outside of American families, the largest personal consumer of the Drano product is the under 30 male demographic. This group is renting apartments with unruly roommates, spicy food and binge drinking; their plumbing and is severely at risk. By tapping the familiar environment of video gaming, Drano will be able to connect with these young adults on a comfortable and positive level.

The established popularity of classic video games will transcend the ‘title of the week’ pace of the contemporary gaming industry. Super Mario Brothers, Tetris and Pac-man are universally recognized by the target demographic (many grew up playing these games). Print advertisements appearing in highly visible video game magazines like Electronic Gaming Monthly and Gamepro will be supplemented by the Drano mobile phone game. The interactive nature of this game will routinely demonstrate the Drano product’s superior block breaking power.

DRANO The Game is an interactive mobile experience. The game can be downloaded from the web and installed with ease onto any supported mobile device. Game play is simple, once the fluid begins to flow, the player will tap their #5 key repeatedly to eliminate the blockage layers. If the fluid is blocked and backs up, the game is lost. Each subsequent color requires an additional keypress to eliminate its layers. Liquid velocity increases in higher levels.