date seed coffee

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tradition needs to tell me more than just tradition to get me to buy coffee.

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Hold your horses bknowlden, maybe where this ad came from,
people have a very strong attachment to their tradition that
that's all you have to say to sell anyting. I've been to those places.
Yet in terms of the idea, it's pretty lame. Nice visual drama but really
needs more work.

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Every country has a strong attachment to one or another tradition. Most don't give a damn about if it goes or not. I believe that one has to make those traditions look fresh again in order to sustain them.
Back to the ad... yep, nice visual. Idea... so so. You can definitely squeeze more out of this one.

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good idea for A PROMOTIONAL MUG then

The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time

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it might be a decent strategy, sipping tradition, but I would need to see the brief to convince me of such, right now Im not. As far as the actual ad, ok, so its sipping tradition, show me how... show me how tradition applies...

bend the image, bend the headline, show me the opposite of traditions, let me know the coffee is my saviour... do something other than state your strategy.

Hope this was helpful in some way.


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What does it taste like?

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very good art direction.
a bit of brief describing 'tradition' would have helped.


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i like the headline, but its a very basic ad and it didnt add any value or made me want to go and buy this product..
and i suggest to use a regular cup of coffee, maybe its better to reflect that we are talking about coffee not something else...
good luck

| everartz |

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good point about coffee mug.
on the art direction, i think, the ambiance contains the richness that a coffee product should relate to. not a great one. good one.