crown paint ads-kenya

please comment if they work.

crown paint ads-kenya
crown paint ads-kenya
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hmm. the first one seems like a play on words to me. Art could be a bit better but I'm OK with the idea that it's so long lasting that statues have it on them.

Where does everyone get these product shots? Is there a brandsoftheworld for product shots or something?

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nice gaijin
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I like the concept (copy is better in #2), but not crazy about the execution.

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If it was a skeleton or a mummy, it would have made some sense. But a statue?
A statue does not symbolize eternity.
It rather symbolizes remembrance, honor, inactivity...

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Clief Kole
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thanxs alote for the insightful comments....we used statues to represent the materials of which the paint is most effective! besides the paint only lasts 7yrs to need repainting,not symbolize eternity, thats why the statues have cracked. Well the brand or packshot...has been done photoshop in -house not professionally shot. By the way these ads are rough layouts not finished layouts.But thank you again.

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James Mugo Wachira

This is the best thing to get sharp minds but to dudder heads they wont make the idea behind the statues n the paint.
You are the best.

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I think your ads are simple and effective
Keep it up

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Shashank Jha

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where in this whole world are statues painted? unless its done as an act of holiganism, is that what you are trying to promote?

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