Creativity! does it sell ?

I have scanned through a few ads, Great work it seems but many have ignored the customer benefits...

Today with Neuromarketing, advertising has taken a whole new turn. The I.R.M had become the true the driving force for today's successful advertising.

Creativity is a must but, we must also not sacrifice the message and benefits in the process

Today's corporate egocentrics is called corporate vanity, a virus that attacks the corporate's immune system and kills its ROI.

Whether on conventional level or interactive, customer-centered design had become vital to advertising. With a bit of imagination, you can kill two birds with one stone.

I appreciated a lot of your creativities and good luck.



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It's better to have a great idea and muddy product benefits, then clear product benefits shown on an boring ad. Obviously having both in the ad is the best.

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He has to be a suit