coca-cola light

coca-cola light


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Good idea.

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Funny visual, but I think strategically this doesn't do a good job of selling the product benefit.

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If this isn't done 100000 times before is because the idea is too simple. It's done just 10000 times before...

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You don´t need the logo at the corner.

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Think its cool, but what i don't like is that the empty "air space" of the bottle should be down, as if the coke is also lighter than air and floating also inside the bottle. It should be anxious to get out and fly up. But hasn't this idea been used already?

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well if you really keen on it why not have the glass in the top getting filled rather then on the surface!

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this solution (along with many of the suggestions above) have all been done. Even recently.

A "diet" drink that has "floating" qualities is no longer an idea that separates it from other diet drinks. Plus, i think i would stay away from CocaCola (or Pepsi) when thinking of clients for your book.

That being's another way to look at it: The drink is at the top of the glass with the FOAM at the bottom....implying the drink is lighter than the foam. mmmm, good idea, no?
even still, no cocacola in your portfolio

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yeah definately agree with scrabble! Always avoid products great things have been done before, that doesnt mean
you can't do something good for it.

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that's true, thanks for your comments.

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I think it's good to have ads fore big brands like Coca-Cola, Apple or Nike in your portfolio but it has to be really good. It's too easy to have only products that never advertise (like left-handes shops or beer with milk).

But you have too think further. What is the real insight? Why do people drink light products? How too keep the message fresh...?

Good luck!

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James Smith
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I agree with Martijn havin products in your book that would never advertise seems like a fun untapped resource, but ultimately unrealistic.

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I agree good comment

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why you put the glass?. If you make a real photo en flip without the glass you can make the same effect an more realistic.

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A good idea done a thousand times before

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i agree

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