Christmas concept

The target was used the benefits of the entire year ads, with a very, very, christmas concept, but this time, i used all the departaments of the store, i used inventary photos and i created a triptico that we used as a flyer.

This triptico increased the christmas sales in 300%, unbealiveable i know, but certain; well, the success was so great that the people came to made their christmas buys until january 10, they told the employes "better late that never, and i know that i always find the best gift in this place".

Christmas concept
Christmas concept


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Sorry, what are these?

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Como va! La dirección de arte es muy confusa, tenes demasiados elementos en vista e impiden que se pueda entender, lo que veo aca es un collage, es decir, agarraste fotos y las metiste asi de una. Estaria bueno que busques un insight y ahí, empezar a trabajar en la gráfica.
Los titulares no se entienden porque no contrastan bien con el fondo. No hay buena distribución de los mismos y algo que veo que esta muy mal, es que usaste diferentes tipografías y eso hace que se vea un poco bizarra la gráfica.
Espero que te sirvan estas críticas para seguir y hacer algo mejor ;)!

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Please take these down they are hurting my eyes.

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Why have you done this to me?

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Please, respect for the people, this is the most horrible thing...

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That's just awful. Just because something increased sales by 300% doesn't make it good by any means. I'd rather that store go out of business than ever have my eyes assaulted by anything like this ever again.

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What is it doing on this website? Who allowed to post it? This is a place for the best ads, not the worse!

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If this is what agencies are doing now i scratch my head as of why it took me so long to find a job out of college.

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Worry not, this is just an old post from eons ago, revived by some shady spammer that is the scourge of this forum.

No one cares about child labor, eye donation or saving the Earth: NO PSA!!!

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Almost didn't recognise you there Shawali

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