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what is this pls?!

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execute it well so we can understand what you want to say

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The ideas like you have come in thousands with all of us here. But you dont see us putting it up, do you ?

The reason is explore the concept, see whether it fits into communication design. It has to give a message and it should have a TG.

Till then, Explore.........!!!

Karthik M.

PS - In this case, try to make it a poster for a Child Welfare NGO, try illustration or a more touching photograph, play with copy. Experiment !!! Make it ambient media, let it be on non-traditional media at places where parents take their kids maybe, explore....these are just ideas !!!

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i understood it but its an obvious rip off of a good print ad i saw, i think for abortion. it had a thought coming from a girls head saying - 'mums going to kill me' and a thought coming from her stomach saying - 'mums going to kill me'. exact same layout.

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Painful ad. Nothing new.

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Nothing new, boring.

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This is the ad I was talking about! I saw it on this very site :) Very clever and original