Child Adoption

helps you
give unfortunate children
their freedom...
through adoption

Child Adoption


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17 pencils

any comment on this ad?

regrat's picture
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i think, it is a wrong mesage.i can see the idea but i think, it is not a good idea. to forced. you can do better.

Pombooie's picture
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Visually grates on me. I agree with regrat, in that I don't think the messaging is quite right: "Freedom through adoption". It just seems, well, trite and arrogant.

Pombooie - the idea is everything

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Tina burd

I like and understand the message. It makes sense to me. You are giving a child freedom at a better life in many situations.

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Dalbir Singh
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How does adoption give freedom to a child? Even with the freedom platform the creative is not stimulating enough. It is just too literal.

Should work on another preposition.

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you put too many symbols in this layout and that's the failure. a fairy, a baby, a barbed wire fence, a toy rattle....
that is not how advertising works. remember, sometimes even two symbolic elements in one ad is already too much for the audience to find connection. it's true you can't assume your target to be total idiots but you can't expect them to spend hours on your ad trying to work out what the hell it is that you had in mind either...

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adoption not adaptation .. was that really worth the 6 year bump?

Shawali's picture
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It's just a spammer. Maybe even a bot.

No one cares about child labor, eye donation or saving the Earth: NO PSA!!!

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