Canon - Photo for 100-year

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The logic is a bit.. ok... REALLY screwy... but the idea I assume is that its a wanted poster from the wild west thats still here today.

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This is f*****g bullshit, man. So what, this product has been around for a freaking century or so?. Look into the future, my friend. THE FUTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Guilherme Bill Luz
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what about the usp? and then what about the way to exaggerate an ad? do i need to be literal to say that the product keeps your picture with quality for ages? Please, more feedbacks. thanks

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That's the whole point. You are visualising it so literally with an old tree and old photo and that's already lame, yet even more so, you're using such a ridiculously unfit logic! Your visual story doesn't sit comfortably with the nature of the product. It feels so low tech my friend. If say for example you have an alien 100 years in the future checking out a photo of himself as perceived by man today, then the hitech bit would come out a lot stronger. I said that's just an example my friend. Up to you. But what you have right now is off to me.

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drunk dave
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How about the poster was really high up in the tree... it had been put there years ago and the tree grew. Could then be for the long lasting colour of the photographic paper. Whatever.

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please visit school again...
trees don't grow directly out of the ground... so if you scrach your name into it,
you will find it at the same hight after a 100 years... dummy!

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Trees don't grow out of the ground, people reply to 30 weeks old posts, what's the world coming to.

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The idea is nice but as a couple of people have said it's pretty illogical.
I think adabortion's idea about the future is more sound. And could take you
somewhere really interesting visually.