Braun Powerblender

Well, here goes nothing. My first post. Had a little idea and gave it a go. After all the comments I have given it is finally your turn to aim your guns at me! Ready? Fire!

Braun Powerblender


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Maybe I should have used a slight drop shadow so one can see the edges of the ad. Ah well... what the heck.

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Im not positive i get the entire idea? The word has been rearranged to signify the strength of the blender ?

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I'm sorry, I'm not getting the idea either.

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"it mixes things up"

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Hilarious. Great work!

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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when it mixes up everything then why 'A' became bigger?????
though nice concept. need art direction.

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how about...

it mxeis thgins up

as your copy?

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Nice thought, but is it too sophisticated for consumers? but this idea can be extented amazingly.
more visual. like can we think of showing things jumbled together that never blend well in real life.

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Very good.

I don't think it's too sophisticated for consumers over in the UK, as the brand is quite well established here, and well known for good blenders.

You should think of some more though to make it into a nice campaign.

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search all your shelfves look for the big books called" corporate identity" yes the big bad book we hate it and if you find one single brand that is ready to mix its letters then the end is near .......
imagine some with me it could be Tricky like:
- WALT disney becomes Malt disney referring to the M in mickey mouse..... okay try this one Nike becomes Hike cos we wear the sport shoe to have a hike well take a hike
braun doesnt become BARUN
if you think otherwise then have a nice career and while you are there enjoy COLA CACO while working on your ipac but dont forget to take your FORYOTA instead of TOYOTA

The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time

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pop - refer to weighter's comment, go for it dude.

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nice! weighter is right..

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weighter is right.

and wtf is tricky talking about? that isn't mixing up. that's adding different letters.

I like the idea. The mixing up letters thing has been done, but not for a blender (which i find interesting)...go for it.

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Wow. Loads of comments. Thanks guys and girls. Weighter, nice thought. I was also playing with writing something like "Banapple". I'm also currently stretching out to a campaign that includes a visual. I'll post it once I have something.
Thanks again people.

Ps: Mahmood_Alam, The 'A' is bigger because it is the brAun logo.

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