BMW-The Earth is not Flat

BMW-The Earth is not Flat
BMW-The Earth is not Flat


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The thought is good, but the heart beat thing has been done to death. Could you not think of another visual?

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Your design is fitting, but your ideas are conflicting. The earth is not flat, a BMW makes your heart beat, your heart beats BMW... These things have a strategic issue that needs to be addressed first.

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Not for a carlover

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Funny...I just did the BMW Ultimate drive this past weekend with the new X5.
Your idea should be the other way around...Teaser is all bunch up and downs but Reveal us a flat line because when you drive a X5 you are so comfortable you barely feel the up and downs.

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that's a nicer idea! Actually you don't need the teaser where you see ups and downs -- stick to the flat line and support copy for its comfortable ride.

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