BMW Series 3 (Magazine Ad)

I came with this idea a month ago. I am not an expert in Photoshop but just tried to combine (good) idea with a beautiful landscape picture that I found on the Internet. Want to hear your opinion is this a good print ad to present as a "Spec Ad" on an interview for a job in advertising company.

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Too classic.... It reminds me of Porsche... Any other direction?

Trying to retire ad-man

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nice idea....


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The typograhy is very bad. You need to learn some basics really. For now make sure the leading on the small print is much closer and move the two line down an inch. Also the image is making the whole Ad look dated, I suggest you look at existing BMW layouts if you are going to present this in any interview.

Idea very nice, however it feels a bit familiar...anyone else?

G'luck mate, J

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i agree. also, try white instead of black type.

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Nice idea, but art direction needs work. Congrats

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One of the best car ads I've seen in a while.
Love the creative use of media space (though
I might suggest you use a portrait layout to
reflect a magazine page.) White type, about
half the size (and probably a cleaner font)
will work wonders to the layout. And drop the
copy on the right - you don't need to explain
yourself (I think it's called "Show don't Tell"
in the advertising world.) That sounds like a
lot of criticism, doesn't it?

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I agree with the above. My first thought was you didn't need the explanation, the visual and the product benefit itself explains everything without needing the extra intrusive bulky copy.


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Thanks for a constructive criticism. I know that I have to learn some basic things and will try to improve myself. The reason for that is because I have ideas but no experience and know how tricky it is for me to find a job in advertising agency. Do anyone thinks that I can find a job if I have good ideas for print ads and TV commercials, master degree in MBA - marketing and strong will to learn and improve my photoshop skills?

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of course you can, you just have to work hard and be keen. you have a great attitude!

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drunk dave
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Don't tell them you're a marketer for Christ sake.. tell them it was a mistake :)))

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again. good idea. seems original to me and I'm an award book junkie. like others have said the copy is loose and art direction non-existant. if you are a cw concentrate on the copy and find an art director to help you out, or vice versa. with more ideas like that you will find a job, thats the beauty of this business, a book of great ideas will get you anywhere you want to go.

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I like it.. good interaction with the reader

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While I really like the idea, one of the main points of any cars is its looks, so by not showing the car you're putting yourself in a tricky sell. Now that you've enticed them tell them where to "get a look" of it at.

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Hey jackson, it's a great idea for a book, people's not gonna look at it, it's gonna be a creative director. It's a very nice idea.

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amit parekh
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typo is not working...

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Nice start, but what's with the disclaimer line right under the payoff line?

Give more thought into the copy itself as well... i think it can be shorter and punchier to reinforce the message of speed. Can you do it all in one line, in as few syllables as possible?

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Good concept, bad art, very bad copy (but others already told you this). One thing: make sure you can communicate on the speed of a car in America. In Europe, you can't.
Good luck.

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