bloomingdales is a top shelf department store and for some reason attracts the wealthy.

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First just a bit of advice. Your format and layout is very important when conceptualizing an ad. Then you need to figure out exactly what you intend to say, then find the best way to say it. I'm not sure what you wanted to say with this ad. Since I am an average consumer that should never be the case. ( Unless of course I am missing something )

The art direction and copy are very poor. But you need to worry first about the idea, and message you want to get across.

Are you conveying that Bloomingdales have shoes that rich women can buy to match their mercedes?

If so then make it clear. Ideally put a twist in there. For example, have a rich retired lady poolside with a young foreign poolboy. Make her high heel shoes match his speedos or skin tone. 'perfectly matching shoes. bloomingdales.' or something like that. I know thats not the greatest idea or anything, but I just wnated to give an example of how your message could be clearer.

Hope that was of some help.


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you nailed it that is exactly what i was attempting to convey. however poorly.