bata_dog ad

Client: Bata
Copy: Soft at touch, strong at performance.

Hi this is my first post here, I would like to hear comments on it.


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good idea, but this picture looks scary to me :) the red mouth looks a bit gory. and also, the background doesn't look good.

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Picture is ok, but the idea is weak. Dog simili is my problem. First of all it doesn't add anything. BMW's ads where they had horeses inside a stable with the window looking like BMW grill was great as it spoke about power and linked to the product, and the grills helped. Here I see no connexion with the choice of the simili, and then dog does not mean stong on performance.

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my dog likes to bite sandals... and i guess most dogs like to do so. so there goes the idea. the dog here has no teeth as this sandal is strong, this is a general idea (not a new one, everyone will come with this idea), but if executed well, might be a powerful ads.

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ya simile is the prob.
doesnt sum up!

but Orynge welcome anyways ...
keep working

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stsanto: thanks for your kind suggestions, sure I will try to redo it and execute well,

desi: thanks for your lecture

gulo: thankyou

by the way this is not a final ad its just a concept, when I registered here I was eager to post something and so was not able to wait till I find best dog image suitable for this ad. waiting for more comments


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It works, but it can be categorized as an average idea. There is no unique insight to the product. There is no special way of looking at it. It's a bit simple. Well executed I think.

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i liked the execution.

But i wouldn't associate a dog with flip flaps i would go the sex appeal way!
after all these blody flaps look like the g-string of the feet right?

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It doesnt work for me. Use a better comparison.

Karthik M.

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Soft at touch? Or Soft "TO THE" touch?

I think the copy needs crafting.

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