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My 2nd topic here (1st one is Wikipedia), pls tell me how do u think. :)

Thanks for ur comments.

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For me it's a bit too direct. I'm missing an idea. It's like a brief spelled out.

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Thanks Ivan. :D

Still waiting for more comments..

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please for the next time send a smaller ads
i undrstood what you need to say, even the message is simple you can do a great creation.Your message is rather direct not say it about an advertising way, try to push more

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The Kama Sutra is being used way too often for ideas.

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i'd say, it's too direct and too brave. only the "is he straight" could go for mainstream. in other cases you should even avoid appearing the ads for audiences, younger than 16 or 18.

but it's still nice idea.
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Thankssssss so much for all comments!

I'll try my best to make it better.

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I think the message is (like you're Wikipedia ad) very interresting and different. So that's good. But the art and the copy are a little bit weak. I think you should keep the message and try too show it from different angels. Good luck!

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Thanks for your comment.

I'll try my best! :D