Banesco, mouse

Title: On your marks, get set, click!
Copy: Click on our website and you may win...

Client: Banesco (bank)
Agency: Grupo 35 Publicidad
Creative VP: Florencio Ros
Creative Director: --
Art Director: Sixto Gil (me)
Copywriter: --

Date: 2005

Comments: I came up with the idea for this one. I don't believe in director's cut, so my work got published exactly as it is being posted. All comments are welcomed.

Banesco, mouse


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2555 pencils

I have seen this flame mouse before here in the States. cool, ad some smoke.

Arnold Santillan

sega992001's picture
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It happens, right? thanks for the comment. Too late to ad anything.

ivan's picture

The idea is good, but it's been overdone. Still it would work perfectly in an average newspaper. Regarding the layout... Everything is big! There is no focus point. You need to make sure the reader concentrates on your image, and the rest of the communication comes all secondary.

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