Bacardi breezer campaign

Bacardi after effects

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too much reading..pple shd b familair with the product so iz unnecessary to explained too much..overall, i think the idea is too generic, strip of the brand n put any fancy alcoholic product n it'll work the same. Chk out their old campaigns n see wat r they trying to sell..perhaps that mite give u new directions:)

good luck!

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its a campaign to launch that brand in my country as people do not know that product... its not a real campaign.. its just for fun afterwards as if you propose a campaign like this in country.... they will refuse because there are groups like "adwatch" they will that it is too sexist, fetish..
There are still some taboos here... therefore we are limited in our thinking process...

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hmm, i see..

in that case, since u said iz not a real campaign anyway, why not juz go wild n have a good go at it? well, someone ever gave me a good advice that u can always try to tame a wild horse but impossible to bring a dead one to life. So have fun with ur thinking process then trim it later rather than getting urself stuck in the mud b4 u even start. Approach as many ways as possible, the way i see it, sex is not the only playful thing u can associate with alcohol as well..

thatz my humble opinion, hope it makes sense...:p..anways, have fun!

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Bad typeface!

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Lost me. Copy and use of typeface turned me off.