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Its very normal... while axe ads are always something way out of the box...
Please dnt get me wrong but i think u need to think more... if this was ur first idea, please dnt get married to it.... think more,may be your idea has to evolve, heart with a multitude of arrows is very, very obvious...

- The trick to forgetting the big picture is to look at everything close-up.

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Kamikaze is right. It is obvious and Axe has raised their bar pretty high. This is automatically compared to their current advertising and, while still pretty clever, it isn't quite up to their par.

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Dreadfully "normal".

original doodles + creative sweat =

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chintan ruparel
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yeah i guess its okay... though i would expect something wilder, quite frankly ;)

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

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I think as an element of packaging or something this is nice, but not enough power to carry an ad.

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Axe certainly is not about love, it’s about having a scent that makes women desire you, and give you huge sex appeal because you smell so great.
Keep working harder at this one, its tough to compete with their campaign which is so well targeted and strategic. Personally, I’d choose another client.

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PaulyG_fill in ...
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The biggest problem here, besides being dull, is that it's backwards. It suggests that the heart (the man wearing axe) is falling in love with a bunch of girls, which is completely the opposite of Axe's position - which is, you wear axe, girls will be uncontrollably attracted to you. YOU!! not the other way around. What this says is, wear axe, and you'll fall in love with scores of people. And Axe has nothing to do with love.

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thanks people for your comments.According to me if i am attracted to any woman i would shoot an
arrow to her and not vice The Axe man didnt do anything...women got uncontrollably
attracted to him and shot arrows...he is just enjoying the admiration...not loving them

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you would shoot a woman you like with an arrow? ouch.

But I think the way it works, is cupid shoots someone with an arrow, and they fall in love with somebody...

Ignoring that logic problem, i still got what you meant from the ad, but its a tough product, you are immediately compared with som really great brilliant work and this particular idea falls short in that respect.

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Bad art, bad idea. Nothing here...

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Think! Think! Think!

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TOO SIMPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!