arial washing AD

the powerful arial washing powder is making you unable to see the texture of the white cloth
due to its ability to erase all stains! the only part of the t-shirt shown was the collar
and the buttons.

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drunk dave
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If you didn't know this idea had been done I'd say great thinking... unfortunately it's been done to death in a number of different ways.

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Everartz, I hope this is your idea. Based on the quality of your other stuff, and the fact that this exact idea has won a lot of awards... I don't know. If you stole it, shame on you. If you didn't, be flattered that you are thinking on the level of the big boys.

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thanks bknowlden and everybody else of course! to be frank i didnt see this specific idea being
done here or there...but when i scribbled it i totaly believed that i could hit somewhere!
this comment you gave is motivating and stimulating me to do better in future... thank you alot.

| everartz |

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Agreed with bknowlden. Idea's been done to death, but then welcome to advertising :)

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Agreed. According to your statement you haven't seen any similar ones so, great thinking. A logical conclusion to the product. You're starting to think like an advertiser and like Desi said, welcome!

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that was my idea guys i didnt take it from anywhere... even it may seem similar to other ads done somewhere else.. my opinion what would a house wife want from a washing powder except a VERY clean and shiny white color for the white clothes!? since this is the main thought roaming around in all similar ads then the approach is gonna look similar too!!

thanks for the comments guys.


| everartz |

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it's an old idea and it was not even great when it was new.

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I just hope that you are not just pretending you haven't seen similar ads, Everartz. The nature of the product itself leads to that creative execution but it doesn't mean it's the only permutation you can go for.

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calibara864, pretending is not the word to be used here! i know and sure as well that there lots of ads being done in a similar ways even better than my execution...but the point is before submitting an ad to be discussed i put in my mind the originality of the work and that its MY work... and my work only!! the easiest way for any designer or art director is to log on one of those ads links and get an idea and tweak it around down to their own convenience, but thats stealing and i dont steal ads coz i dont wanna lie to my self, i hope you dont take this personally and thank you for your honest words in your comment.


| everartz |

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everartz, next time visit www.P&G so you know what has been don so far on Arial.

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Ok, then disregard my comment, and now at least you've known how many of those ads look like yours.

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