Aquafina Copy Ad

The assignment: sell Aquafina using copy.

Appreciate any comments.

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you know, as i was waiting for these to load on my computer, i did my own brainstorming and came up with the same concept for your assignment. (especially the kinky to romance one). Took about 8 seconds. There's got to be something better?

OK, i think the concept has potential but your executions (aside from maybe the first one) don't hold up to your tagline or the idea. Think more dirty to pure instead of 'wrong' to 'right'

EXCEPT, are you saying Aquafina starts dirty but then becomes pure? I don't know. you probably have to pick these apart more.

ALSO, the word "purist" is a noun and only a noun. as in Someone who is pure. So saying "At it's purist" really doesn't make any sense. Sure as copywriters we can play word games but this one just doesn't work and sounds grammatically awkward.

if by "purist" you mean 'the most pure'....then just "pure" or "more pure" will do.

But again, think more.

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