Anti drugs email camp

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Corona Raymaker
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Typo as well as the text itself could be worked on once more.
Rest of it is very nice. I like that visual.

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This isn't an email, it's a piece of direct mail sent electronically. Not the same thing. Remember with email, the application used will often block images, so you need to think differently if this is to be used in that way.

The idea is there, but there is still a lot of work to do, the copy in particular.'s picture
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yes the copy is so so.
but visualy its getting there

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The idea is too complicated. You don't need a needle and red cells. Either or would be fine.

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I agree with evan... but I wanted to create the feeling of tearing tissue, just to make it provokative...
and to make sure the needle is hooked to your blood and not to your flesh or skin..
thanks anyway.. I appreciate it...

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muy buena la direccion de arte pero muy agresivo la forma de comunicarlo. no hace falta mostrar esa imagen desagradable hay mil formas mas creativas de concientizar, eso me lo pueden decir mis padres.LA DROGA MATA ya lo se y si consumo es por que no me importa, decimelo de otra manera para que caiga. ..
buenisima la dire pero parece el cartel de una peli de terror