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This is really nice.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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Thank you!
I made this in my practice as copywriter in BBDO Chile, one year ago.

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good ad. is matchbox still around? do they still make toys?

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Thanks dude...

I´m not sure... I had the idea, not the client... hahaha!

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Not bad but it is very difficult to do something clever and new for a client like this. I've never seen this idea bad I've seen "everything becomes big because matchbox is small" ideas too often...

(sorry if I sound arrogant...)

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It's fun and I'm not sure if you knew that some matchbox stuff had won on a couple of occasions in the past couple of years (I think it was Ogilvy Toronto's Hot Wheels stuff in the Marketing Awards this year actually , but these dinky cars have been winners for others too)...I think this one-off keeps pace with those award winners though. Nice job.

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it's quite nice
well done! MAYBE THE ant should be smaller but it's ok!

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