Animal Planet, Latin American premiere of King of the Jungle

Lion: Has anyone seen the host?
Croc: 1 jungle, 12 contestants. Actually, 10.
Rhino: They have to learn to wacth the camera, but also their backs.
Cheetah: Today we salute the winner, if we don't lose him first.

Client: Animal Planet
Agency: Grupo 35 Publicidad
Creative VP: Florencio Ros
Creative Director: --
Art Director: Sixto Gil (me)
Copywriter: Florencio Ros

Photographer: Jesus Ochoa
Digital Retouching: Arte Media

Date: 2004

Comments: I came up with the lion one, and the rest was colaboration. As for the terrible layout, it's international guideline. I don't believe in director's cut, so my work got published exactly as it is being posted. All comments are welcomed.

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Comments anyone?

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Ummm...1 junle 12 contestants. Actually 10? Only 1 boot though - how many contestants dod the croc eat?

original doodles + creative sweat =

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The ads were published progressively (?). That means that the lion ate one, the croc the second one, and then we jumped in time for the rhino and so on... every week the show eliminated a contestant and that got reflected on the x marks on the little squares by the show's logo.

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The idea is great. I think you need to zoom out a bit to show more the of the animals, so that the visual is not so in your face, but a bit more subtle. The bottom part is way too big. Get rid of everything possible.