an ad for drivers

the low in israel says that drivers should drive with active front
lights in the winter time during the day.
many drivers simply forget to do so.

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I worked for exactly the same brief in France and (sorry) I'm glad I didn't come with this 'idea'.

Sorry, I can't say what's good about it...

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is it possible for you to post the brief?

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Work harder, there is no idea here! :)

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I understand you didn't find the connection between the line & the visual.
the point I was trying to show is that light paralel to memory.
like we say "enlightment".

happy to have your comment.

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Ivan is right. No idea here. Sorry.

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Phony Ads
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This quite possibly may be the worst ad I have ever seen here. I don't say this to be mean or nasty. (Trust me, I take no pleasure in this.) I say it because it needs to be said. You need to hear it so you can do something about it and fix it. You need to be told before others send you mixed signals and watered down opinions that may lead you to think this is somehow acceptable. You need to know in no uncertain terms that this is not the level to which you want to aspire. But mostly I say it as a challenge to you. You should challenge yourself to get back to work and create something brilliant. It's possible, it's within you, and it happens every day with all of us. We all have sucky horrible ideas. The difference is we trudge on despite our bad thinking. We recognize it, we get back to work and we come back with something that works. Something great. Something brilliant. (And we look back and say "Damn I'm good! I wanna kiss myself.") It's a feeling that at times can rival an orgasam. So I challenge you to explore this site, study the ads here, read the comments, and recognize the elements that go into creating a great ad. Then apply those elements to this project. Don't get discouraged. Don't give up. Turn off the TV, the radio, and the ipod. Get rid of the girlfriend, wife, boyfriend, spouse, friends, kids, dog, chickens, whatever, and tell them all to leave you the hell alone for three, five, eight, 12 or 48 hours so you can immerse yourself in the DNA of this project and solve it. I hope this helps. Kirk out!

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Phony Ads is correct. Meir, you need to think laterally. Look to find something new out of a combination of things that are old. Stay away from anything that is cliché. It’s not a problem to have bad ideas as long as you can push yourself to go past them and do better.