always pure...

this is still work in progress, so don't focus on the production.

always pure...


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Nice, I also say that like you.

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I get what you're shooting for, but I'm not sure if using the christening of a baby with aquafina is a good idea. First, I think this has a chance of offending people. I don't know where you're from, but in the U.S. (especially in the "Bible belt" i.e. Kentucky, Ohio, Alabama etc...) this would be seen as a smack in the face to those who are devout. However, the most important reason you need to go back and re-access this ad is that it doesn't show what the intended purpose of this product is for i.e. drinking. You've essentially shown a priest pouring your product out. That's not really what you want to show. You might not need to completely scrap this, but you do need to think of some more creative ways to show the "pure-ness" of Aquafina.

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