Alka Seltzer

First things first, I understand there's a touch of borrowed interest in this one off.

Just wanting to know what you guys think :)

Alka Seltzer


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it's ok, works for me.

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Haha no comments?

Peow Peow!

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ah ok...
now i get it.

I got the impression that the product was about to mkae absolut obsolete. didnt see the "hangover", that got me wondering. Nice image tho.'s picture
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you know its a good thought, but It is so borrowed. If you are going to use Abolute vodka to make your point then really go for it. Use their campaign "In An Absolute World" Maybe you could show how in an absolute world there are no hangovers but in the real world they are terrible

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preeeety cool, how would it go down in absolute's eyes though?

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you suck!

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maybe there's something with water and vodka are clear, its like you drank water all night....

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Learn photoshop then post ads, not the otherway around.

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You're a year late for that reply.

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you should be embarrassed for saying that

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Well I'm not :)

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God damn how did this junk get on adsoftheworld?

It's probably the most OBSOLETE photoshop work I've ever seen.....


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Oooh k.... uncalled for but ooh k.

Check the date of the posting, you'll see that it's quite old.

And it's just a visual, not finished art.

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I don't think the photoshop work is too bad at all. It's a pretty funny idea and i'm assuming you're not really taking this to CD's but did it for fun.

Also, @punk, we haven't seen any of YOUR work on here. Also, plz remove profile pic. It's offensive and makes you look bad.

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hmm.. u need improve something....

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