add some spice to your life - radio mirchi

Source: from my own idea
Credits: debabrata naskar, madison communication, delhi

add some spice to your life - radio mirchi
add some spice to your life - radio mirchi


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why a bottle of champagne? - last time I had some it wasn't spicy. Wouldn't a bottle of Tabasco make more sense

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bilal mirza
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Good theme...

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I kinda like the visual of the toothbrush..

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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The toothbrush is contrived, maybe more subtle like the toothpaste shapes a pepper or retouch the toothpaste tube itself. As for Champagne... Huh? Put a tobasco sauce bottle on ice and call it a day.

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the idea is good the first one ....but the bottle of champagne doesnt go....
as its not spicy.....
u can do one thing as in the 1st layout u shown toothbrush that showing--- as u wake up u brush up
ur teeth with listening radio mirchi........ so u can make a continuation with the different times
a day......
try it

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debabrata naskar
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Yes, this is my best achievement from this site.
Thanks Saalim.
Are you from ?

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tooth brush makes sense.
over all-lacks continuity.

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nice. looking forward to more works from you.

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tooth brush great. like those clear and elegant layouts. bravo! I don't like this one with milk... there;s no spicy in champaigne... you should place something like tobasco between babys drinks ;O)

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