Special project inspired by the city of Thessaloniki under the global Absolut concept. Using a panoramic view of the Aristotel Square in the center of the city of Thessaloniki, we were able to outline the infamousAbsolut bottle and demonstrate the "Absolut Thessaloniki".

Creative Director: Evangelia Refene
Copywriter: Manos Moschonas
Art Director: Evangelia Refene

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Was it done yesterday or in the 80's ?

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Steve LaLonde

Dude, fr rlz?!

Don't touch Absolut/Economist/Condoms/Nike/ETC ETC ETC. Just don't. You'll never get a job jumping onto somebody else's branding. You're almost stealing right now in a way, and it's insulting to Lee Clow and TBWA - they're the ones that came up with this stuff many years ago. Creatives hate this stuff.

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This is a real ad done for Absolut, it's not stealing, TBWA Athens has this client and they are merely adapting the campaign strategy. I doubt that they would ask a Greek agency to reinvent the brand. As far as I know, having worked on a spec for this a few years back, the client is the distributor of absolut and not the brand itself. Their stuff is ok but not new. So, Steve LaLonde, if you have to work on these brands for real, what are you saying, tell the CD "I can't touch clients such as these"? Not everyone on this forum is a student building a folio.

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and..? It's been done done

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Jason Hadzikostas
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