Your favorite Online-campaigns

I am a "wanna-be" ad-student in germany and not that experienced in advertising. I recently saw the viral spots from volkswagen "Unpimp your ride"( am that dove evolution spot.

I am extremly interested in your favorite or noteworthy online campaigns.

Or do you think only 360° communication with some parts in onlineadvertising are the future ?

i don't like the idea but i think one of the greatest campaigns (with central elements online) is the
transatlantic tunnel "transatlantys". ddb paris promoted a tunnel, which went from paris to new york.
in the end, the message was, that some things can only be reached by airline was the solution. sadly i haven't found a video.

and there was that lynx airlines thingie...i didn't like it, because lynx was more than attracting women to me. but it is a perfect example of communication in different channels...surrounding one central idea.

an other one: fight for kisses..recently published...impressed me quite a lot.

so post on and thanks for reading !




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I need help from Ivan or others on this one...the only one I can think of was I THINK AIDS awareness where every...again I THINK 67 minutes/secs a certain group of people dies and the ad was popping up at that regular interval. I read it in ad based CREATIVITY magazine (any subscribers here?()Damn it I should get money for advertising their mag!!

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What is the question again? ;)

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i was half-drunk....just ignore. :-\
i will try to find it if i can...

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hm i found two regarding that topic:

but i guess the one you meant was that count-down spoken by famous people.

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