which Vector is Victor ?

All minds in this cesspool ?
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Which is a Better ? and Why ?

Illustrator * Freehand * Coreldraw

Be descriptive.


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For me all are fine. They are just tools. I have preference for Illustrator, but I don't mind the other two.

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Illustrator for me too. It's more what you do with it that counts. I'm used to photoshop so illustrator was easier to pick up, theyre all much of a muchness though. freehand is on its way out now though - thanks to adobes greedy hand

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I prefer CorelDraw...for whatever reasons...the best reason converting work to PDFs. I guess Corel will have a great life ahead.

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corel draw gives errors and terminates itself, when doing some sophisticated drawings, but it never happened with illustrator. On the other hand illustrator still have to improve tools and controls to keep up with corel draw.

the short cuts in Illustrtor is so good and easy to use, also for fullscreen workspace.

depending on work environments both are useful. Using Illustrator can edit pdfs directly and easily. So is depends on the file type or work demand

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Illustrator cs2 is wicked

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Freehand...the name says it all.

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