The most important question of my life

Im printing my portfolio.

Paper these days folks is rediculous. what is a good matte paper that isnt "paper" thin. oh man that was pun. i want something you can hold onto but not 22 pages of "cover" thick paper either. if you have any idea what i am talking about and know of a good paper brand please let me know.

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invest some dimes by printing your portfolio using a pro printer not a home or office printer

print cover on 250 gr

print internal 120 gr matte paper double spread
even better ......create your own portfolio booklet design not too big not to small

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I have a good deal with a professional printing company, but they need me to tell them what paper i want. apparently there is a "smorgus-bord" of paper options. I need double sided and i found a good 180gr matt but its about 50$ for 50 sheets. i was looking to print about 8 books because i am moving to san francisco and i know very few people. i set aside a few bucks for when this time came so its not a money issue but i do like to be efficient and i dont want to be killing trees left and right.

thanks for the cover idea too!

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Apparently many reported that Apple's iPhoto albums are perfect for portis.

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i heard this too. and i checked it out. it was around 10 bucks a book. sooo that isnt bad at all and i heard the print was good too, but you are limited to their layouts. i like this option but fear being lost in sea of iphoto books.

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I'm taking mine to kinkos. but does paper stock really matter? maybe as a graphic designer, but this is about ideas people. if your ideas are bad ain't no paper going to save your book from the circular file.